What Would Inspire You to Commission an Oil Painting?

Inspiration comes to all of us in different forms. There is no right or wrong way to
feel inspired. Maybe for you, like me, it is the joy of watching a child play or dream. A moment when you know you have done your job well and you want to remember that feeling forever. I can be inspired by a warm breeze on a balmy night, at an outdoor restaurant, sipping wine with dear friends, an old baby photo can take me right back to the joy of first time motherhood, a building where my family shared treasured memories or watching my hubby relax doing something he enjoys. An original oil painting can take you to a place where you felt pure happiness, a time when you found love, a moment when your child brought a tear to your eye, a home that watched you grow up, a parent to honor and love forever... there is no end to inspiration!

Painting memories that "Tell Your Story".

"I look forward to painting the love of you and your family members... a gift they will treasure forever!
Specialize in painting #Portraits of Loved Ones, #Pets and Your #Home
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