Artist Statement

"Investing in art will give you something to love forever"


"I think love is the reason for all we do. With my colorful oils, I love to capture a moment of one's life... and touch a few hearts. I create loving, happy art."​

I have been painting since I was a little girl... my mom was an incredible impressionistic/abstract artist and one of our favorite things to do together was to paint! Faces were what I love to create most! Family and especially boyfriends would all be my favorite subjects! My parents said art was great to have as a hobby, but I would need some other way to earn a living. I became a makeup artist/aesthetician, owning a chain of skin care and makeup salons in upscale malls, employing over 70 employees. I had a fabulous, fun career, although I never stopped painting...and, happily, always received some portrait commissions through word of mouth. I never gave up the idea of becoming a full time professional artist, once I retired.Sooner than I expected, that day came one day when I went to an art show, saw some amazing artworks and thought...I can do this too! Here I am 8 years later, loving every minute of my latest career as a full time artist!Warmest regards, Marlene Kurland
Original oil paintings inspired by your favorite photos...paintings of your birthday celebrations, your family, your pets, your home, original oil paintings of your children, all of life’s celebrations that Tell YOUR Story.

To get started, call 888-818-5995 Studio or 443-690-0611 Cell to discuss your dream painting or send your favorite photo/photos to and I will get right back to you so we can discuss all of your ideas.

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"It's sort of obvious that I love to paint people, but street building scenes are almost like humans to me too… filled with spirit and their own unique personalities. When I paint a group hanging out together I first see the surrounding structures almost like familiar friends, enjoying their day, as I do a quick sketch, then take photos at just the right angle catching them being themselves.... in the moment. Or, if I'm doing a home portrait, (like the painting of my home below), I create a piece from the viewpoint of the home owners. When I receive the owner’s favorite photo, I try to feel the building’s personality through the dweller’s eyes. Crazy, but it works for me!!"









"While my business interests and careers have changed through the years, all of my family members & friends are the most precious parts of my life (and my most convenient models!).

Painting them continues to bring me joy and a constant indescribable pleasure. As you look at my paintings you will get to meet them and I would love to meet you and your family, too! Reading the feedback from my collectors, letting me know how they feel about their paintings is a great source of happiness for me."



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