See What Collectors Just Like You Are Saying About Their Marlene Kurland Originals!



Deborah Kimic

“This portrait of my beautiful daughter Sandy arrived today, Marlene has captured the very essence and spirit of my beloved daughter perfectly. With that look I had seen so many times on her face in life. Marlene's talent as a gifted artist aside, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. So goodhearted and kind. There are not enough words to fully express my deep appreciation. I will treasure the experience of working with Marlene, almost as much as I will treasure this amazing painting of my beautiful lost girl. Thank you so much Marlene! You are an angel.” 



Bonnie Salisbury

“Marlene is, obviously, a very talented artist and painter as well as one of the nicest, most thoughtful and kind people you will every be lucky to meet and to work with for something as personal and powerful as one of her works of art. What truly sets Marlene apart from others is another gift she has. The ability to truly SEE a person, to interpret what she sees and then convey that onto Canvas to make what is truly a one of a kind treasure you will keep and cherish forever and then some. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you. I hope I am able to call you friend for a very long time. :) You ROCK! ;)"


Stephen Ritchie

"It is hard to put into words how wonderful an experience has been to work with Marlene - She is a very gifted and talented artist - and has become a good friend! She has painted two very special portraits of myself and Best friend - this #1 of #2 - She carefully caught the essence of our friendship, which was very emotional for me as my friend has become challenged with living with ALS - So, I cannot thank Marlene enough for her kindness and understanding that coincides with her talent - Thank you Marlene!! I highly recommend Loving Portraits Shop..."


Teresa Hough

"Where can I start? How about THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! When my husband received this, he openly cried! When he turned it around, I literally gasped and cried at how you captured us at one of the happiest moments of our lives! IT IS STUNNING!!!"




Erin Beckman

Marlene captured the joy and excitement of my daughter and her son playing in a creek in such an expressive way. She caught the essence of this event. It is a memory that was very special and memorable. I hope others will enjoy this expressive work and have Marlene make their memories come alive. Thank you Marlene!

Annie Banks

Absolutely adore this beautiful portrait of my mother by Marlene Kurland. It will fast be a treasured piece of Art within my family. My three children are already putting dibs on it!! Marlene captured my mother's youth and beauty. I smile every time I look at it. Thank you Marlene Kurland for creating something so ever-lasting, so precious beyond compare.



Luisa Cohen

Marlene's work is incredible! She is a highly talented artist and captures the essence of her subjects, whether they are human or four footed.....she has done a wedding portrait for my daughter and son in law and it is a piece that we all treasure! She also did a picture of my daughter with her dog looking nose to nose at each other....her portraits are beautiful and you won't be disappointed!!!!



Claudia Haltom

Marlene painted our family for our anniversary. It is a lovely, fun painting for a very special event. My husband loves it.





Cindy Doty

I have wanted to have my grand babies painted for so long and finally found the perfect picture. I cannot believe how fast and incredibly talented Marlene produced it - I feel so honored to have gotten to watch the process!!! Amazing!!! The painting came out so beautifully that it made me cry. We miss them so much as they live a few hours away and this is the way to keep them close every single day. Thank you Marlene so much, my heart is full of glorious emotion. Peace and love, Cin


David P Dickerson

Loved the concept when we met Marlene at the Arts Festival in Pittsburgh... and her enthusiasm to do the painting was sincere. The memory that used to be in a 3x5 photo is now hanging on our dining room wall and will constantly remind us of the great time we had in Italy. The completed painting was shipped quickly and the entire process very simple. Marlene's willingness to get our feedback while the painting was in progress was also very refreshing.


Katherine Miller

This will always remind us of our annual dinner at the Lobster Pot in Florida! The 3 cousins are now old enough to look forward to the night out every year- and parents, cousins and grandparents LOVE the painting!! As grandparents we kept this painting and surprised our children with a small (different) painting of their children for each household! This has been a really fun undertaking with a very creative artist!! Working with Marlene is wonderful. Thank you isn't enough for helping us to preserve and share life's best memories!


 Ralf Colbin

This picture is of my niece's two daughters and their cousin, taken on a swing in New York in fall. It was a surprise housewarming gift to her, I placed it over the mantle. It turned out to match the fireplace perfectly, and my niece Ginger just loves it. The colors are stunning, and she really captured their personalities in their faces. I liked it so much I sent Marlene two more pictures to turn into art for me!




Teresa Hough

Marlene, This oil portrait of our "babies" is absolutely adorable! My husband and I both had tears in our eyes when we opened it. You have the most amazing talent, and when it is done being framed, I will send you a picture. It will be hanging next to our beautiful wedding portrait you painted of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just adore you. HUGS, Teresa



Patrick Doran

This is my friend with my Jack Russell, Bert. They seem deep in conversation, don't they? I love how Marlene re-created the rich colors of the fireplace, and of course Bert's expression is priceless! Marlene just seems to capture "it" in everything she paints. Thank you so much, it is a delight knowing you.




Elizabeth Bradley

I am so happy with the painting of my boys - Marlene did a wonderful job and was an absolute pleasure to work with!! It puts a big smile on my face every time I walk in and see it. I'm already thinking about the next painting I'd like to have her do!