Frequently Asked Questions 

1- what subject matter of paintings do you create?
Family, beach, home, weddings, cars and many more. They are all listed on the
product section under categories. Actually, I love to paint almost every subject
matter…in my own way & style.
2 - What medium do you use?
Mostly, I use oil but I am proficient in acrylic and pastels if you prefer. 
3 - Do I have to pose in your studio to commission a portrait?
Rarely, I paint with a model for commissions unless requested. Usually the first step is to email your favorite photo to me as a reference. I just look at your photo and create your painting in my way. I never measure. You will get a true original in my style.
4 - How long will it take to receive my painting?
Depending on the size and how many subjects helps determine the time frame, but since I’m always working on many at the same time, I usually say 3-6 weeks.
5 - Will I see the progress as you go along or do I have to wait until it is totally complete?
Yes, you will get updates via email, every week until complete and ready to ship. It’s a fun process!
6 - Will I be able to make any changes as you proceed?
Absolutely! As I send you updates you will have the opportunity to suggest things like- can you make the hair darker or his shirt more red or his yes more blue- things like that.
7 - Is there any way you can change the background if I love my photo on the grass but I rather be in the beach?
Yes, definitely! You can use two or more photos to create the painting of your
8 - If I have a large family is there a limit to the amount you can put in a painting?
No, the more the merrier! As many. As you want!  $75 each.
9 - How do I know I will like it when you finish?
As I progress, you will be asked each week how you are liking it, does it feel right to you? Changes and adjustments can be made along the way until complete.
10 - How much do your custom paintings cost?
Price is based on size, complexity of subject matter, how many subjects, background and medium. From time to time, prices do increase to insure that my collectors can always make sure they are making a wise investment when they purchase a piece of art from me.
9x12 - $325
11x14 - $425
12x16 -$525
14x18 - $625
16x20 - $775
18x24 - $875
20x20 - $850
20x26 - $950
24x30 - $995
24x36 - $1100
30x30 - $1195
30x40 - $1400
36x48 - $1900
48x60 - $2400
larger sizes- $2500 +
+ $75 each for two or more subjects
All of my paintings, drawings or pastels are created on the finest quality canvas, paper, or board and painted until you and I are totally in love with the piece. It will take as long as needed and never rushed (usually 3-8 weeks). Your artwork will be packaged with so much care and shipped to you so it will be in perfect condition when it reaches its new home.

Inspiration photo